Edmund Kirby Smith
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Kirby Smith UDC
       The Confederate general in the War Between the States, Edmund Kirby Smith, was the son of Joseph Lee Smith (1776 - 1846) and Frances Kirby Smith. Joseph was an American lawyer and soldier who served with credit in the War of 1812 and rose to rank of USA Colonel. His elder brother, Ephriam Kirby Smith (1807 - 1847), also a soldier, fell at Molino del Rey; and Joseph Lee Kirby Smith, Ephraims's son, who took the Federal side in the War Between the States, was mortally wounded at the battle of Corinth. Joseph Lee, at the age of twenty-six, attained the rank of brevet-colonel in the U.S.A. Edmund Kirby Smith was born at St. Augustine, FL, on the 16th day of May 1824 and graduated at West Point in 1845, being assigned to the infantry. In the Mexican War, he rose to first lieutenant, and captain for gallantry at West Point from 1849 - 1852 and was later engaged in Indian warfare on the Texas frontier. In 1861 he attained the rank of major. When Florida seceded, he resigned his army commission and entered the Confederate service as a Lieutenant-Colonel. He was made a brigadier-general on the 17th day of June 1861 and was wounded at the battle of Bull Run. In command of the Confederate forces in the Cumberland Gap region, Kirby Smith took part in General Bragg's invasion of KY in the autumn of 1862, and inflicted upon the Federal forces a severe defeat at Richmond, KY in August 30th and was present at the battles of Perryville and Murfreesboro. From Feb. 1863 to the fall of the Confederacy, he was in command of the
 trans-Mississippi department, and was successful in making this section of the Confederacy self-supporting. He instituted a regular system of blockade
running and met and defeated the Red River expedition under General Nathaniel P. Banks. Kirby Smith and his troops surrendered on the 26th of May 1865, being the last armed forces of the Confederate States to do so. After the war, he was from 1866 - 1868 president of the Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph company, from 1868 - 1876 president of the Western Military Academy, from 1870 -1875 chancellor of the University of Nashville, and from 1875 to his death professor of mathematics at the University of the South in Sewanee. General Kirby Smith passed away March 28th, 1893 and is buried on the campus in Sewanee.
     General Kirby-Smith married Caroline(Cassie) Selden of Lynchburg, Virginia. Together they had 11 children.
Photograph of Gen. Edmund Kirby-Smith with his wife and children (Back row L-R, Nina, Frances, Edmund, Elizabeth, Cassie(wife), Ephriam, front row L-R, Lydia, Caroline, Joseph(baby), Gen. Kirby-Smith, Joseph, Reynold, Frannie), ca. 1883 by Spencer Judd University Archives and Special Collections. The University of the South, Sewanee, TN
 Dec 1894
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